On Trying Again

The Little Dane is going to be a year old soon (how the heck did that happen?) and finally at about 11 months into breastfeeding, my fertility has maybe returned.  I was hoping that by this point I’d be about 12 lbs lighter than I am now as a good starting point to trying for another kid, although I am smaller than I was pre-pregnancy, but I’m going to be 30 years old in less than a year and the clock is ticking away for more kids.

It is a weird position to be in having had secondary infertility and then going back to try for another.  Will it take us 2 or 3 years this time?  How many miscarriages will there be along the way?    Can I do this without metformin?

I think of the logistics of it this summer with traveling back to Scandinavia and then to New England and what that looks like if I were early in a pregnancy – I am kind of hoping that I don’t get pregnant for a while yet, but don’t really have the luxury of putting it off.  It must be easy to be able to just decide when would be a convenient time to get pregnant.

Some other things that whirl around in my mind about this are that I’m still not freaking done with my degree.  Not done after starting at 17, not done 12 years later.  Soon I’m going to have spent more years of my life in university rather than not which is just ridiculous.  There is no reliable or available daycare for the fall semester and I just can’t even begin to fathom the thought of putting a child we tried so hard for in the hands of someone who is not beyond amazing.  Spoiler alert:  no one is amazing enough.  Hand in hand with that is a feeling of guilt that I place all this financial burden on my husband for the two kids we have now and maybe the one or two more.  Sometimes I think he would have a better life with a working wife, or rather a Danish wife, who’d be content with two kids and had a career.  He must have gotten the short straw.


Notarizing Paperwork in Denmark and Other Oddities

Danish people don’t really have notaries and I’m not sure why, but it just is.  In order to do something estate related I need some paperwork notarized.  Now I have two options here: travel to the British or American Embassy in Copenhagen (which will cost a lot and is about a 3 hour train ride one way) or go to the city court and book a notary appointment (which is bizarre because it only take 30 seconds).

Package delivery is interesting.  Some times they attempt to deliver and other times they might not, sort of depends on the mood of the mailman.  Why is this bothersome might you ask?  Well, they only ‘attempt’ delivery once and if they miss you (or pretend to miss you) you must pick up the package at the post office.  Ok, still not so bad, right?  Well, in a spread out somewhat hilly city with not a lot of cars it is more difficult.  Also, if you live in an apartment building in which the mailman who delivers packages (who is different than the mailman on the bicycle who delivers normal mail) does not have a key to the mail area, you must wait for them to mail you a package slip.

100 Items Sewn in 2016 Challenge – January

I’ve been doing, albeit with some difficulty, the 100 items sewn in 2016 challenge.  Being in school and having a baby at home makes this a hard thing to do.  I love making clothes for me, especially because I can make them with a nursing options so I can discreetly pull it up to feed the baby (who at almost 9 months refuses bottles).  It is also great because with the Little Dane’s long torso and cloth diapers, store bought clothes don’t tend to fit.


These are some of the other things recently for the kiddos.

The Little Dane is Healthy, Happy, and Huge!

After a long struggle to get pregnant and the Little Dane’s NICU stint, I think I needed time to process things.  I keep wanting to write about the NICU thing, but honestly, I just can’t because it was pretty upsetting and I am kind of pissed at our initial delivery hospital still.

Anyway, at his 6 month appointment, the Little Dane was 29 inches long and 20.25 lbs.  For those of you not in America, Liberia, or Burma that would be 73.7 cm and 9.18 kg.  Yes, I am aware that is tall, but the Dane is 6’6″, so expected.  Here he is at 5 months old in a picture taken by my other Little (or not so little at 4’3″ anymore) One:


Before and After – Bathroom


Above you can see the before of our very poorly done bathroom with way too large vanity, vinyl floors, incorrectly done shower surround, and that is non-original trim and again very poorly stained doors (before anyone freaks out over them being painted – they had been painted before).

And the after with tile floor, smaller vanity, tiled shower surround, etc.  :

DSC00407 DSC00408 DSC00409 DSC00410 DSC00411

Before and After – Nursery of a Craftsman Style Bungalow

This room has been painted, new carpet has been put down, and a new light fixture installed.  Nothing extreme, but it is done.  In retrospect, I would have chosen a different wall color, but I painted it right before the moving truck came and haven’t had the interest since to repaint it.


IMG_0386 IMG_0387 IMG_0431


DSC00400 DSC00401 DSC00402 DSC00403

Cloth Diaper Stash and Plan

I think I’ve gotten most of what I need cloth diaper-wise.  There are still a few hanging out on my registry that maybe I might get, maybe not.    I decided to go with kind of a broad approach to it to see what worked and so I wouldn’t be locked into a specific brand.


So far, I have:

3 Bum-Genius 4.0 All-in-One

1 Blueberry Simplex Newborn  All-in-One, 1 Blueberry Simplex One Size (12-35 lb) All-in-One

6 Love My Pocket Diapers (These are Chinese made “cheapies” that cost about $6 a piece versus $18-30 for an American made/designed one, so my initial expectations are low)

1 Happy Endings All-in-Two diaper with pocket for overnights

1 Rumparooz Newborn Cover, 2 Rumparooz One Size Covers, 1 Rumparooz All-in-Two, which was my free diaper from Kelly’s Closet (I’m not sure what is up with Rumparooz’s labels that claim that they are Danish mom owned because I’ve seen her talk in videos and she doesn’t sound Danish and lives in America)

3 Thirsties Size One Covers, 1 Thirsties Size Two

1 Omni Soft-Bums Shell

2 Best Bottoms Covers and inserts

1 Kawaii Baby Newborn All-in-One, 1 Kawaii Baby cover

Lots of cotton pre-folds and 6 independent charcoal bamboo inserts (some of the diapers come with inserts)

For those not counting, besides newborn and size two diapers, that is 12 regular diapers and 8 covers.  It is my understanding that covers can be reused with a wipe down in between pees, but I’m not entirely betting on it and am open to getting a few more diapers once we figure out what we like.

For a washing routine, I’ve decided to follow the advice given by Fluff Love & CD Science.  You can read more about their extensive and wonderful advice here:   Fluff Love University

Basically, the wash plan boils down to a dry pail for storage after spraying off poop in the toilet, a quick wash on cold with a little detergent, and a heavy duty hot wash with a good amount of Tide powder.  Depending on the weather (and it is usually too cold in northern MN to dry outside), I’ll try and line dry the covers and dry the all-in-ones on low heat.