The Little Dane is Healthy, Happy, and Huge!

After a long struggle to get pregnant and the Little Dane’s NICU stint, I think I needed time to process things.  I keep wanting to write about the NICU thing, but honestly, I just can’t because it was pretty upsetting and I am kind of pissed at our initial delivery hospital still.

Anyway, at his 6 month appointment, the Little Dane was 29 inches long and 20.25 lbs.  For those of you not in America, Liberia, or Burma that would be 73.7 cm and 9.18 kg.  Yes, I am aware that is tall, but the Dane is 6’6″, so expected.  Here he is at 5 months old in a picture taken by my other Little (or not so little at 4’3″ anymore) One:


Before and After – Bathroom


Above you can see the before of our very poorly done bathroom with way too large vanity, vinyl floors, incorrectly done shower surround, and that is non-original trim and again very poorly stained doors (before anyone freaks out over them being painted – they had been painted before).

And the after with tile floor, smaller vanity, tiled shower surround, etc.  :

DSC00407 DSC00408 DSC00409 DSC00410 DSC00411

Before and After – Nursery of a Craftsman Style Bungalow

This room has been painted, new carpet has been put down, and a new light fixture installed.  Nothing extreme, but it is done.  In retrospect, I would have chosen a different wall color, but I painted it right before the moving truck came and haven’t had the interest since to repaint it.


IMG_0386 IMG_0387 IMG_0431


DSC00400 DSC00401 DSC00402 DSC00403

Cloth Diaper Stash and Plan

I think I’ve gotten most of what I need cloth diaper-wise.  There are still a few hanging out on my registry that maybe I might get, maybe not.    I decided to go with kind of a broad approach to it to see what worked and so I wouldn’t be locked into a specific brand.


So far, I have:

3 Bum-Genius 4.0 All-in-One

1 Blueberry Simplex Newborn  All-in-One, 1 Blueberry Simplex One Size (12-35 lb) All-in-One

6 Love My Pocket Diapers (These are Chinese made “cheapies” that cost about $6 a piece versus $18-30 for an American made/designed one, so my initial expectations are low)

1 Happy Endings All-in-Two diaper with pocket for overnights

1 Rumparooz Newborn Cover, 2 Rumparooz One Size Covers, 1 Rumparooz All-in-Two, which was my free diaper from Kelly’s Closet (I’m not sure what is up with Rumparooz’s labels that claim that they are Danish mom owned because I’ve seen her talk in videos and she doesn’t sound Danish and lives in America)

3 Thirsties Size One Covers, 1 Thirsties Size Two

1 Omni Soft-Bums Shell

2 Best Bottoms Covers and inserts

1 Kawaii Baby Newborn All-in-One, 1 Kawaii Baby cover

Lots of cotton pre-folds and 6 independent charcoal bamboo inserts (some of the diapers come with inserts)

For those not counting, besides newborn and size two diapers, that is 12 regular diapers and 8 covers.  It is my understanding that covers can be reused with a wipe down in between pees, but I’m not entirely betting on it and am open to getting a few more diapers once we figure out what we like.

For a washing routine, I’ve decided to follow the advice given by Fluff Love & CD Science.  You can read more about their extensive and wonderful advice here:   Fluff Love University

Basically, the wash plan boils down to a dry pail for storage after spraying off poop in the toilet, a quick wash on cold with a little detergent, and a heavy duty hot wash with a good amount of Tide powder.  Depending on the weather (and it is usually too cold in northern MN to dry outside), I’ll try and line dry the covers and dry the all-in-ones on low heat.

24 Days Until My C-Section

I’m slowly counting down until my c-section date and attempting to wrap things up at home before the little Viking arrives.

I’ve managed to pretty much successfully keep my pregnancy off Facebook (except maybe my mother-in-law’s posts in Danish to other Danish people because I guess in Denmark as soon as we told them it became public information to everyone with a pulse), but that coupled with us moving so far away from family twice over has created a little conundrum…i.e. that some of my relatives have either just found out I was pregnant or don’t yet know.

Perhaps that is ok because it must mean we are not close enough to know, but who really is close enough to see ultrasound photos of the inside of your uterus/cervix, etc. or to know the intimate details of your gestation?   I’m actually finding it quite liberating to not have to talk a lot about it non-anonymously mostly because my answer when people ask how I’m feeling is “I’m in terrible pain, have been for months and I can barely walk.  Oh, and my morning sickness is back and I’ve felt like I’ve been hit by a train pretty much the whole pregnancy.”   People who aren’t close to you don’t want to hear that shit.  They want to think that pregnancy is rainbows and unicorns.

Take Your HVAC Registers Off When You Paint – And the Evolution of an Old Fireplace

I don’t care how little time you have or how inexperienced you are at painting, please, please, for the love of everything holy in the world, take your HVAC registers off when you paint.  While you are at it, take off door hardware and plates for electrical outlets.  Please, could you do that for the sake of not only yourself (you really should vacuum out those return registers from time to time), but for the sake of future owners who not only have to chip away 3 layers of paint to get the screws off, but who are disgusted by the 5 inch thick cat hair clogs that are in your return registers.

Now that the PSA is done, part one of the fireplace/living room remodel is done.

Here is the fireplace several years ago:


Here is the fireplace when we bought the house, colors courtesy of their tenant:


Here is the fireplace and all new ceiling pre-Christmas 2014 :


There is a Problem With the Way We Teach Adults New Languages

I’ll start off by saying that I’m a little disappointed that Rosetta Stone discontinued Danish and Norwegian, because I found the way it approached Russian to be super helpful.

However, having said that, 99% of what I’ve seen presented towards adult learners of Danish (is there even anything for children?) is so ridiculously unhelpful for people who need to speak Danish in their own homes.   What we need to learn first is a whole different set of vocabulary and conversations that aren’t even usually covered in any Danish learning books you can purchase.   I need to know how to talk about cleaning, and different aspects of cooking, and an in depth conversation about how someone’s day went.   I need to know how to talk to a baby in Danish or a child.  An ever so tiny bit about this has been covered in some of the Norwegian courses I’ve taken and I can kind of correlate it, but Danish books?  Nope.

Instead, they endlessly cover introductions and polite topics of adult conversation that will get you no further than 5 minutes, etc.  Not helpful at all.  Firstly, because almost everyone in Denmark can easily get that far in English with you, trust me, and secondly, because if you are like me you want to know what the Danes are saying to each other when they switch over and you actually want to be able to hold a conversation with your spouse in their native tongue.  Is that too much to ask, is it?

I’m frustrated with Danish because no matter how much I study it, it doesn’t seem to be in the practical use category for my everyday life, in my house.  With the coming baby and the fact that they need to be fluent to keep Danish citizenship, this is a pressing concern.

I had started to do this a while ago, but I think I need to come up with a whole list of phrases I actually need to know and baby/toddler vocabulary to maybe do flashcards for my and the first wee one.  Now that we’ve been firmly gripped in English again, I feel like we can go back to Danish, maybe.

I think, for those few of you that stumble upon here, I’ll post the results of my attempts as PDFs or just in the text.

Oh bilingual Spanish-English homes, you have no idea how easy you have it.

What have you done with your rare language at home (and yes I think less than 7 million speakers makes it rare enough)?