Oh Immigration, I Hate You

I’ve come to the conclusion that we’ve been royally screwed over by American immigration (USCIS).  Other Ameri-Dane couples have been approved before us.    All the other filers from abroad have been approved before us.

On what is my 26th birthday, I am making a resolution to cut the crap and be straight.  I hate Denmark, I’ve never hated anywhere more in my life.  Each and every day here is soul killing and awful and I cry when I see cases after mine getting approved.

I filed a medical expedite with the US immigration authorities on account of my ridiculous levels of depression living here and I’ve ask my Senator in America to look into why our case doesn’t seem to be auto expedited like some of the others.

Part of me wants to get on a plane tomorrow and leave and part of me is hoping that any day now the first part of our immigration paperwork will be approved so that I know there will be only 3 months left at that point.

8 thoughts on “Oh Immigration, I Hate You

  1. I’m sorry to hear that. But it’s for the best. Spending a longer time in here will make it worse especially when you’re depressed like that in the first place. I agree that Danish Immigration service is actually a legal torture institution, pining and destroying lives of foreigners every single day.

    LANA: Danish Immigration rules changed like 20 times in the past 10 years, getting harder and harder and the most ironic part is that even the immigration office workers have no clue which rule for what – there have been cases where they made the wrong decision and kicked someone out when it wasn’t supposed to be like that.

    • I probably should clarify in the post that I have a problem with the American immigration system, not the Danish one. I don’t think the Danish one is particularly fair, but as a UK citizen it doesn’t give me that much trouble. 😉

      • Oh. I misunderstood since there are so many bad cases with Danish Immigration at the moment. Someone married to a Dane and mom to an infant just got kicked out of the country because their apartment isn’t rented on unlimited term.

        I thought you’re American citizen? You said UK now?

  2. Hi, I found myself in the same situation as you and am finally in the US. How long has it taken so far? With filing while I was in the US a few months it took 20 days shy of a year for us. They won’t expedite unless you are actually dying I think. Although we were told we could get it expedited because of my disability and my husband took a voluntary lay off he wouldn’t have had we known it wasn’t true. What was “great” too was we had sent his birth cert and they said they didn’t get it so it added over a month to send it and them processing it. At the end they sent the closed up papers you are supposed to keep sealed and the “extra” birth cert was sitting there on the outside. Buttnuggets I hate dk too and am so very happy to be out. I hope you make it soon!

  3. Hi, I totally relate to the undying urge to be back in the us. I have been in Belgium far too many years and have come to hate everything about it. (and I’m not the hating kind) Can’t wait to get back to SD California.

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